Managing Mental Illness

When it comes to our health, there are a few key factors at play that inform all of our health related decisions. These are, namely, diet, exercise, and mental health. It’s that last one, however, many of us neglect. Managing Mental IllnessHuman civilization has always had a tenuous relationship with mental health, and today is only marginally better. This is truly unfortunate, because the primary misconception regarding mental health is a dangerous one. Many people think that mental health is just that, mental, but, in fact, mental health affects physical health and vice versa. Even if mental anguish was somehow not “bad enough” to your sensibilities, it’s hard to argue that the physical ramifications of mental illness aren’t a serious problem. Especially when you consider how prevalent mental illness is these days. And, it’s worth noting that it’s difficult to manage relationships when dealing with mental illness, so before you can find a date with eHarmony, you’re going to need to work on yourself. While there’s no better solution that seeking professional help, there are reasons why we might not when given the chance. For one thing, mental illness is heavily stigmatized. And, then there’s the matter of the side effects of many drugs used to treat these illnesses. Whatever the reason, it’s good to have an alternative available if you can’t get the help you deserve. Here are a few suggestions.


First and foremost, consider the therapeutic power of a nice hot bath. Baths are a great way to sooth your body and soul, and you can get clean while doing it. Of course, maybe you’d rather just take a nap, assuming you’re able. This option can work wonders, but it could also make your particular issue worse, so proceed with caution. Removing yourself from situations wherein you’ll experience undue stress is a must, in my opinion. Taking a walk can alleviate some mental illnesses, especially depression, and the change in scenery boosts creativity. Using that creativity to take up a new hobby can be a godsend for the mentally ill. Creativity allows us to process difficult emotions in a way that, in and of itself, is also fun and relaxing. (For the most part.) Exercise is another tried and true method of coping with depression and anxiety, though it can be hard to muster the energy and motivation because of these illnesses.